Our First Expo Rodeo…

What’s your “first” first that comes to mind? Maybe it’s the “first” first that you can remember experiencing yourself like anxiously walking into your kindergarten classroom. Or maybe it’s someone’s first time to do something like our youngest daughter, Magnolia, who recently took her first, wobbly steps. My wife, Callie, still gets that weird, rollercoaster sensation when she thinks about clearing the pole vault bar for the first time as a seventh grader (who went on to be a collegiate All American, by the way). I clearly remember the first time I asked her on a date. We were in the weight room at our alma mater, Abilene Christian University… don’t judge me.

Everyone has “firsts” more often than they’d probably like but that’s life. A first is usually accompanied by fear of the unknown or judgement or failure. But that’s what make it’s so much sweeter when a “first” becomes the beginning of something great. We recently launched The Pop By Kit with a booth at the 2017 Texas Association of REALTORS® Conference in Dallas, TX. It was our first exposure beyond family, friends, and coworkers. We left the comfort of encouragement for the honesty of the marketplace.

Arriving at the expo, the vulnerability was immediate. Our booth didn’t pop-up out of a bag like all of the others. It was more of a nuts-and-bolts kind of setup. Not a single other vendor brought power tools. We did. We were obviously rookies. But, after a few hours of labor and sweat, we drove in the last screw and felt fairly confident our booth wasn’t going to fall on somebody. Baby steps, right?

The next morning came early. Parking was hard to come by, coffee lines were long, and the Fedex office was under construction. What a great start to the launch of The Pop By Kit! Fortunately for us, we made the last tweaks to our booth and we were fielding questions from fellow vendors well before the doors opened to the real estate agent attendees. This gave us a little more time to craft our pitch. Well, I’m not sure we really had a “pitch”, just some words that we strung together in a semi-coherent way. In hindsight, talking to the vendors took away the anxiety that always coincides with “firsts”.

In the end, the response couldn’t have been any better.  We didn’t even take a break for lunch. Our throats were sore from talking by mid-afternoon and we couldn’t have been happier about it. Our vendor neighbors from boxbrownie.com were great! When they had a free moment, they gave us veteran expo tips and took some awesome photos. (Go check out their sweet photo editing!) By the end of the day, this “first” launch of The Pop By Kit turned into us signing up for the 2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Chicago. We’re excited to keep this “first” blowing down the road in the Windy City!

See you in Chicago!

Brad & Callie

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